Breakfast all day
Two Eggs,  Bacon, Link Sausage or Ham, Beans, Potatoes, Tortillas $9.95
Huevos a la Mexicana, Eggs Scrambled with fresh Chile, Bell-Pepper, Onions and Tomato, beans, Potatoes, Tortillas $9.95 
Huevos Machaca,  Beef Tri-Tip & Eggs Scrambled with fresh Chile, Bell-Pepper, Onions and Tomato, beans, Potatoes, Tortillas $11.25
Chorizo con Huevo, Homemade spicy Mexican Sausage scrambled with eggs, Beans, Potatoes, Tortillas $10.25
Huevos Rancheros, Eggs with your choice of Vegitarian Sauce, Meat Sauce, Beans, Potatoes, Tortillas $9.95 w/meat add $1.30


Chile Verde Pork Stew, Beans, rice, Tortillas $12.25
Chile Colorado Pork Stew, Beans, rice, Tortillas $12.25
Chiles Rellenos Dinner, Beans, Rice, Tortillas $11.75
Chicharones Con Chile Beans, Rice, Tortillas $ 9.25
Red Chile Pork Tamales Dinner, Two served with Beans and Rice, $11.50


A la Ranchera
Camarones Ranchero Sauteed Shrimp Ranchero Style, Beans, Rice, tortillas $13.50

Steak Ranchero  Tender Steak sauteed Ranchero Style, Beans, Rice, Tortillas $13.50 

Chuletas Rancheras Pork Chops grilled and simmered with Rancero Sauce, beans, Rice, Tortillas $13.50





Rose Café


Traditional Chilaquiles
Crispy Corn Tortilla strips scrambled with Eggs, Green Chile, Bell, Pepper, Onions, Tomato and topped with cheese, served with Beans, Rice $10.25
Add Beef, Pork Chile Verde or homeade Chorizo  $10.95
Chilaquiles Con Pollo $10.95
Crispy Corn Strips wiwth Chicken, Tomatillo Sauce, Cheese and topped with a dolup of Sour Cream, served with Beans, Rice.


Breakfast Burritos


Machaca $5.95

Chorizo $5.25

Mexicana $4.95

Bacon, Diced Ham or Sausage with Cheese $4.95



Breakfast (Mornings Only)


Chile Verde Omelet, Beans, Potaoes, Tortillas $10.95


Spanish Omelet, Beans, Potatoes, Tortillas $9.95


Bacon or Ham Omelet, Beans, Potatoes, Tortillas $9.95


Cheese Omelet, Beans, Potatoes, Tortillas $9.95


Buttermilk Pancakes (family recipe)

Short Stack (2) $6.50  Full Stack (4) $8.50


2 + 2 + 2 Two Pancakes, two Eggs and two Sausages or two Bacon Strips $9.95


French Toast one slice $5.50 Two slices$6.50

Order of Tacos Dorados
Two Ground Beef and Potato Tacos, Beans,rice, $10.25
Two Shredded Chicken Tacos, Beans,rice, $10.25
Guadalajara Style add Guacamole $2.00

Menudo Soup (Tripe)

cup $4.50 Med $7.75 Reg $8.75

Flautas de Pollo  $9.95

3 Chicken Flautas, Beans, Rice 

Order of Red Sauce Enchiladas


Two Cheese and Onion Enchiladas, Beans, Rice $10.25 add $1.70 for Chicken, Beef or Chorizo


Order of Green Sauce Enchiladas


Two Cheese and Onion Enchiladas, Beans, Rice $11.50 add $1.45 for Chicken or Beef ( A house Specialty)




Lengua en Salsa de Tomatillo Beef Tongue simmered in our Green Tomatillo Sauce, Beans, Rice, tortillas $14.50
Carne Asada, Beans, Rice, Tortillas $14.50 
Chuletas, Pork Chops grilled and seasoned or with Green Sauce, beans, Rice, Tortillas $14.50


Combination Plates
Large Combo  Enchilada, Taco with choice of Chile Relleno, Tamale, or Tostada with Beans, Rice $13.75
Small Combo  Enchilada, Taco, Beans, Rice $11.75
Relleno Combo  Chile Relleno with choice of Enchilada, Taco or Quesadilla $11.75
Tamale Combo  Tamale with choice of Enchilada, Quesadilla or Taco, Beans, Rice $ 11.75
Kids Combo  Enchila, Taco or Quesadilla, Beans, Rice $7.75
Order of Tamales (2) Beans, Rice $10.95



Nachos  Chips, Beans, Cheese, Bell Pepper, Tomatoes, Black Olives, Sour cream, Guacamole $8.25 Lg $10..25 with Meat $2.50  Kids Nachos Chips, Beans, Cheese  $5.95 Lg. $7.95 

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